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Thermal Shock Chamber

Neutral Salt Spray (FOG) Test, Cyclic corrosion Test & Condensation Test

Purpose: To check corrosion resistance of ferrous, non-ferrous, organic, and non-organic coatings

  1. Temperature Range: 5° C above ambient to 50° C
  2. Humidity: 95% to 100% during high humidity
  3. Work space: 1500mm(W) × 800mm(D) × 800mm(H)
  4. FOG collection rate: Between 0.5 to 2.0 ml/hr.
Reference Standards:
  1. For Neutral Salt Spray (FOG) Test & Cyclic corrosion Test: ASTMB-117
  2. Condensation Test: ISO 6270

Thermal Shock Chamber

Thermal Shock Test, Change in Temperature test

Purpose: Thermal Shock is performed to determine the resistance of the part to sudden changes in temperature.

  1. Temperature Range: -50° C to +180° C
  2. Work space: 560mm(W) × 600mm(D) × 600mm(H)
  3. Basket transfer time: Less than 10 sec.
Reference Standards:
  1. IS 9000,MIL STD 883,IEC 60068

Thermal Shock Chamber

Rain Test/Shower Test

Purpose: For protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against harmful effects due to ingress of water

  1. Work space:
    a) For IEC/JSS Standard 500mm(W) × 250mm(D) × 470mm(H)
    b) For IS Standard 500mm(W) × 500mm(D) × 1500mm(H)
  2. Mounting holes for EUT: M12, 320mm x 320mm
Reference Standards:
  1. JIS D-0203,IS 9000,JSS 55555,IEC 60529

Dust Test

Thermal Shock Chamber Purpose: For protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against harmful effects due to ingress of solid foreign particals.

  1. Temperature Range: 10° C ambient to +70° C
  2. Work space: 1000mm(W) × 1000mm(D) × 2000mm(H)
Reference Standards:
  1. IEC60529 & IS10322,IS9000/JSS 55555

Thermal Shock Chamber

Vibration Test

Purpose: To verify functional and structural integrity of EUT during and after vibration test events.

  1. Generated Force:
    a) Sine (Pk)= 1100kgf,
    b) Random (Rms)= 1100 kgf,
    c) Shock (Pk)= 2200 kgf
  2. Resonance Frequency= 2614 Hz.
  3. Sleep table natural frequency= 1350 Hz.
  4. Maximum displacement (Peak-Peak)= 51mm
  5. Maximum Velocity= 2 m/s
  6. Maximum Acceleration= 100g
  7. Maximum size of EUT/ Fixture for Vertical Test= (M8, 100 mm pitch)700 mm× 700mm
Reference Standards:
  1. IEC 60068