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NEC, is a modern laboratory for calibration of test measuring equipments as well as standards. Laboratory serving many industries as well as other laboratories. Our capabilities far surpass that of most commercial laboratories.
•   Linear / Dimensional Calibration
•  Power/ Energy Calibration
•  Electro – Technical Calibration
•  Mass, Volume, Torque
•  Temperature/ Humidity Calibration
Example of standards with us
•  Trimos Labconcept 500 B
•  8 ½ Digital Multimeter
•  Gauge Block Calibrator
•  Multi – Product Calibrators
•  Gauge Block Set, ‘K’ Grade
•  Zera, Energy Meter Test Bench
•  Fixed point cells, SPRT
•  Super thermometer
•  Humidity Calibrator
•  Pressure Balance, Dead Weight Testers
NABL Certificates